10 Vibration Modes Anal Bead with Penis Ring
Anal Beed & Penis Ring Black with Remote
Anal Beed & Penis Ring Rose Red
Anal Beed & Penis Ring Purple
Anal Beed & Penis Ring Rose Red with Remote
Anal Beed & Penis Ring Purple with Remote
Anal Beed & Penis Ring IPX6 Waterproof

페니스 링이있는 10 속도 진동 항문 구슬

SKU: A061801

Yoyobana's anal toy combines the functions of prostate massager, penis ring & anal beads. 10-frequency vibration mode and semen lock ring design allow you to experience more stimulation.

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10-frequency vibration mode - this anal toy combines the functions of anal plug, prostate massager, semen lock ring, and anal beads. The unique curve design and the texture of each layer of beads are different, allowing you to have a variety of gameplay, the 10-frequency vibration mode brought by the powerful motor and the design of the lock ring can let you experience more excitement.

Wireless remote control - the design of the wireless remote control is added on the basis of the original product so that you can free your hands, or you and your partner can flirt together better!

High-quality material - Made of safe and soft food-grade silicone, which can better care for your health; Sex toys made of silicone material have a longer lifespan and are easy to clean.

Waterproof design - IPX6 waterproof, allowing you to unlock more bathrooms and swimming pools~

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daisha Skiles

All in all worked great according to my partner. The red part got in the way a bit here and there so that was the only real complaint, but if you're looking for something to amp you over the edge for a good deal, definitely order.

Marianne Fritsch

The product was easy and enjoyable for someone new to this adventure. No complaints on my end.

Margarette Johnston

Fun toy. Hits the spot hard and with the control knob sticking out, its easy to ride. Super orgasm. Great quality, quick delivery.