Vibrating Male Masturbator Sex Doll
20.67LB Sucking and Vibrating Male Masturbator Sex Doll
Tight Anus and Vagina of Sex Toy with 5 Sucking Frequencies
Male Masturbator Sex Doll with Exhaust and Cleaning Function

20.67LB 自動吸引および振動男性オナホール セックス人形

SKU: A0560

自動吸引と振動機能を備えたこのマスターベーション セックス人形の粒状の膣と肛門、しっかりとした 3D の美しいお尻と豊満な胸。 米国倉庫からの目立たないパッケージ。


の間にお届けするには、次の [totalHours] 時間 %M 分 以内に注文してください



5 周波数の自動吸引と振動機能により、実際の口腔および性的刺激以上のものを提供します。

膣の前庭とバック コートのデュアル チャネルで、膣と肛門の吸引を感じます。組み込みのスケルトンで、体を任意に制御し、新しいポーズとゲームプレイのロックを解除します。



Dual Channel for Different Feeling

The vagina channel has more curves than the anal channel, you can tell the difference by your finger, the deeper you go inside, the better you can feel from the male sex toy when you arrive at the tight place, the sucking feeling will get stronger, especially for the anal play, the circle design will suck you strongly when you want to leave.

Realistic Skin Texture of The Pussy Ass Masturbator

The touching feeling has no difference from a real woman! It’s soft, elastic, when you flap her, the breast and the butt will waving and shaking! The goosebumps on the big butt are hint about her pleasure and orgasm time.
The big boob is not what you want to leave when you grasped it, the thick and plump breast has the most lifelike feeling!

Multiple Ways to Penetrate

This pussy masturbator toy will bring you all the pleasure you want! Laying the male sex doll on your bed, you don't have to adjust her place during sex, her weight is enough to make herself stay!


柔らかく安全な TPE 素材 - この男性用オナホールは高品質の TPE 素材で作られており、柔らかく、肌にやさしく、悪臭がなく、肌のように滑らかです。

目立たない梱包 - お客様のプライバシーを尊重します。 そのため、配送のために特別な密閉ボックスが用意されており、機密性の高いタグや言葉の痕跡がなく、明示的かつ機密に出荷されます。

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

feels real and it’ll feel good. it’s a little tight at first but with some pumps it opens up. highly recommended!!


Good quality product. Soft and smooth but very durable. Both holes feel good but are very different which is nice variety to have. Easy enough to clean once you get the routine down. Light enough to move around but stays in place when you want it to.


Bought this toy for hubs birthday and we added a little fun to our bedroom. Follow directions on cleaning and she stays soft and subtle. Adds a little spice. She has a solid figure so don't worry about it sliding off bed when your laying into her.


I've always been curious about these but never really took the chance on one until recently, and happy I did. The material is soft with the right amount of give but the back support is sturdy enough to be able to lift and handle it. The weight is enough for some bounce back if it's below you, but not too much to be awkward in various positions on top of you. Enjoying it a lot more than I expected, just be ready with baby powder and some way to flush it out and dry the insides to make sure it lasts.


First time getting something like this, so I was skeptical as to whether it'd be worth it. But I'm glad I decided to go with this one; it feels great and is better than I was expecting it to be!