7.05lb Sucking & Vibrating Silicone Realistic Butt with Vagina Anal
Lifelike Sex Doll Male Masturbator
Realistic Big Butt Pocket Pussy Ass with Vagina Anal
Lifelike Sex Doll Male Masturbator  with remote control
Female Body Torso Hip Adult Love Doll

7ポンド 吸引 & 振動 シリコーン リアルなお尻 膣アナル付き

SKU: A0562

等身大のヒップトルソーは高すぎて、安いヒップは小さすぎる…と悩んでいるあなたにぴったりのミドルサイズのヒップです! 彼女とのセックス中、太ったお尻が揺れて掴みたくなります。


の間にお届けするには、次の [totalHours] 時間 %M 分 以内に注文してください



このセクシーな胴体のお尻は、本物のセクシーな女性によって形作られています。 鳥肌やシワのようなリアルな肌の質感で、とてもリアルに見えます。 信じられないほどの喜びのための超タイトなチャネルを持つピンクの猫とお尻。

Automatic Cleaning Sex Doll

The newly upgraded version of the automatic suction vibrating sex doll has automatic suction + vibration + exhaust functions in the vagina. It has a built-in electric motor and one-button start automatic mode, which is enough to make you feel sexual comfort in every lonely moment. In addition, the doll also has automatic Cleaning function, easy to use and easy to store.

Fast magnetic charging

This automatic breast-sucking vibrating doll has magnetic charging and fast charging to meet high battery life needs. The sex doll has sucking and vibration modes that can be switched at will. You only need to insert your penis, start the automatic mode with one button, and set what you want through the remote control. To achieve the suction and vibration frequency of orgasm, get it now!


この男性用オナホールは、高品質の TPE 素材で作られており、柔らかく、肌にやさしく、悪臭がなく、肌のように滑らかです。

より良い体験のために、水性潤滑剤との使用をお勧めします。 真水で洗い、柔らかい布で丁寧に拭き取り、自然乾燥させてください。 表面にコーンスターチを軽くふり、肌がべたつかないようにします。

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This product is absolutely amazing 🤩 if you’re wondering what the experience is like, just know that it is very “life-like” because of the audio, but this toy ALWAYS gets the job done. 😉

Van K

Honestly. Normally toys like this does nothing for me but this right here is dangerous. The grip and feel inside is soo good I came in 5 min with using it. Will definitely be buying more products from you guys.

Mathew S0

Love the weight of it and size of channels are perfect. It's plenty firm and holds up well to rough use. After a few uses I haven't noticed any breaks or fading of color. Though it does have a bit of a smell at first.

Conrad Mitchell

A night alone with this thing will boost your mood let me tell you...
It feels soft, squishy, and just the right amount of hefty to fool your senses and the little ridges and bumps they added on here for realism add onto the experience all the more.