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電気 6 周波数吸引陰茎ポンプ

SKU: A0305

2 in 1 ペニス増大 & 吸盤
内部にさまざまな粒子とテクスチャを備えた 3D のリアルなチャンネルで、驚異的な内部感覚を実現


吸引ボタンをオンにすると6つの異なる吸引モードがあり、6つの異なる吸引モードは6つの異なる吸引時間に対応します。 3秒吸うと圧力が抜けて、というサイクルを繰り返します。柔らかいシリコンの入り口で吸い込みやすいです。 柔らかい入り口に睾丸が当たると、女性の柔らかいお尻に当たるような感覚になります。 中には様々なシボや質感があります。 チャンネルを取り出して単独で使用できます。 完全防水チャンネルにより、このおもちゃをバスルームで使用できます。 透明なチャネルとシェルは、プライベートのぞき見や楽しみ方を確認したいという欲求も満たします。 

注意: 最高の体験を得るために潤滑油を使用してください。

Penis enlargement pump

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2-in-1 stimulus design

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製品名: 電気 6 吸引真空陰茎ポンプ
色: 肉
防水: IPX6
タイプ: 膣
機能: 真空吸引
頻度: 6Charging 
時間: 70
電源タイプ: USB 充電式
長さ: 5.9インチ
重量: 1.7ポンド
パッキングリスト: 製品 x1; USB ケーブル x1;命令 x1

注意:十分な水性潤滑油を使用してください。 不快に思われる場合はご使用をおやめください。 モーターヘッドは防水仕様ではありませんので、クリーニング前にモーターヘッドを取り外してください!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cleve Beer

This is my first experience with a pump and had no idea what to expect. Since I’ve been pleased with the quality of other products I’ve purchased, and the “can’t go wrong” price point, I figured why not give it a try. After a few laps, I can say that I definitely see positive results in size and staying hard longer. A word of advice: Start slow – don’t over-do it. The suction power is intense (even at the lowest level) and can catch you by surprise. Work your way up until you find a comfortable level. Thankfully, the release value works effectively and quickly. The two included sleeves provide different results and sensations. The product is also smartly designed. Easy to hold, not overly large, quiet as hell and disassembles easily for thorough cleaning. I like that an extra O-ring is included which someday will prolong the life of the product. If you need a little extra help now and then, this is the pump you want to have. Trust me, your partner will enjoy watching you use it and the results.

Liza Kulas

Wife has no complaints about this product. Works as described. Lots of suction and works fast. Would recommend

Grover Thiel

I have only been using the product a few times, and I understand that it is something that you need to do on a regular basis for continued results however i look like the comfort that the protective sleeves offer when using this pump. Having the pressure relieve valve close to the pump actuator is really nice to and you don't have to let all of the air out of the pump if you feel like you have pumped it too much. All in all I use this for 5-10 at a time once a day and I am happy with the results.

Eduardo Raynor

I'm not sure what's happened, but it doesn't work. I guess I haven't charged it enough the first time but one would expect it to work somewhat out of the box. Will see if it works when press the button