Curved Metal Prostate Stimulator
Prostate Stimulator
Dual Ended Curved Metal Prostate Stimulator

デュアル エンド曲面金属前立腺刺激装置

SKU: A0626

ちょうどいいカーブを描いたこの前立腺刺激装置は、あなたのスイート スポットに滑り込み、オルガスムのために g スポットと p スポットをマッサージします。 さまざまなサイズのビーズのデザインにより、段階的に試すことができます。

湾曲したシャフトデザイン:Yoyobanaこの前立腺刺激装置はちょうどよく湾曲しており、スイートスポットに滑り込み、腕にカーブを突破させます。 この前立腺マッサージャーは、G スポットと P スポットをマッサージしてオルガスムしたい人に最適なおもちゃです。




Customer Reviews

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Daphnee Jacobi

This toy is absolutely amazing. I give my partner prostate massages and I got tired of trying to use my hands. Partly because I allowed my nails to grow and they are fairly long now.

This wand is convenient and gets straight to the point I don’t have to search for the love button it automatically hits every part that I need it to. This thing will leave your body quivering. Use plenty of lube and start slow.

What really won me over was how easy to clean this was. I hate having to boil water to clean toys. Since this is surgical steel it only requires antibacterial soap.

Trent Conn

OMG! This is worth it's weight in gold! Unbelievable G-Spot toy! I own both this and the pure wand. Both are equally pleasureable to use, and this little gem will not get in your way while going down on your lady unlike the PW. The beaded end provides a very good grip while you're 'busy'. My wife loves starting out cold & warming up the steel.

Mittie Franecki

Surgical stainless steel is probably the best body-safe material there is, so that's the major win with this product. It's easy to clean, as you can just use soap or heat. Much easier to care for than silicone, and others.

The overall machining is really good, it's polished to a mirror finish, and everywhere is perfectly smooth.

The only real issue is that the handle shape is just a bit wrong, which can make it a little hard to use at some angles.