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masturbation cup charging interface
Telescopic Rotating Masturbation Cup Key Function


SKU: A018801

Yoyobana この自動伸縮式回転マスターベーション カップ デザイン ワンクリック クライマックス モード トレーニングと限界を突破して、最強のオーガズムをもたらします。




この電動男性用マスターベーション カップは、7 周波数操作 + 3 周波数収縮で設計されており、より多くのセックスの組み合わせを体験できます。

Yoyobana この自動伸縮式回転マスターベーション カップ デザイン ワンクリック クライマックス モード トレーニングと限界を突破して、最強のオーガズムをもたらします。

2 in 1 - Male Masturbator + Penis Pump Enlargement Training

This male adult sex toy combines a male masturbator and a penis pump. Unlike traditional male sex toys, this sex machine not only provides 7 sucking, licking, and rotating modes, but also adds a penis vacuum pump mode.

3D Soft Textured Sleeve

The sleeve of this men's sex toy is made of soft silicone material, without any odor, and is harmless to the body. The inner wall of the sleeve is filled with particles. When this pocket cat starts rotating and sucking, the full particles inside can tightly wrap around your size. This men's sex toy provides stronger stimulation during sucking and squeezing, and the inner sleeve features multiple spiral folds, which can bring more friction fun.


この大人の大人のおもちゃの取り外し可能なデザインとIPX7の防水評価により、この男性用マスターベーションカップは掃除が簡単です。 シリコンカバーもケースもぬるま湯で丸洗いできます。

カバーとケースはABS製で、内側のシリコンをしっかりホールドできます。 また、裏地には柔らかく肌に優しいTPEを採用。 間違いなく安全です。

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I really enjoyed this product last night. It diffently did the trick when you wanna try something new when the hands get tired.

Philip V Castaneda

We wanted something more significant and more satisfying than simply taking care of ourselves but something we could enjoy alone. That evening, I browsed the internet for tips and suggestions, and after doing some serious looking, I discovered the Latune Male Stroker. I also looked for one that would attract my husband because I knew it needed to be realistic and I figured we could use it together to try something new in the bedroom. A few days later, it arrived in a Discreet box, and when I opened it, I gasped as I unscrewed the cap from the Latune Male Masturbator Cup to see a stunning, lifelike and amazing!!! It was difficult to not try it right away. First time using it was great it held up to everything it said it did. My husband enjoys it a lot. I highly recommend it for people looking for there first toy. We both enjoy it and hope you will too.

Jay Galindo

Overall I’m thoroughly impressed. This device is fun, easy to use, has plenty of functionality and variety in motion, and is a lot stronger than expected! Definitely a great value as well, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to use it because it travels easily too. Highly recommend!