Male Masturbator Doll with Realistic Boobs Vagina and Anal
Male Masturbator with Realistic Boobs
Sex Doll  with Realistic Boobs Vagina and Anal
Pocket Pussy with Built-in Spine


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この TPE ミニ トルソー マスターベーション ドールには、大きなおっぱいのかわいいピンクのお尻と豪華な猫があります。 乳輪の細かい粒子や陰唇の皺などもリアルに再現。 ブレストセックス・ヴァギナセックス・アナルセックスをフルセットで楽しめます。 すべての開口部は優れたグリップを提供し、信じられないほどの楽しみのためにセンセーショナルなリブで飾られています。


の間にお届けするには、次の [totalHours] 時間 %M 分 以内に注文してください

オナホール トルソー ドール

このオナホールのダッチワイフには胴体があり、大人のおもちゃを安定させ、ランダムに揺れることを回避できます。 宣教師の後背位または騎乗位のさまざまなポジションのロックを解除できます。 一人の時間や人間関係にスパイスを加えたいなら、これは必需品です!

このマスターベーション トルソー ドールの素材はTPE製で、柔らかく安全で伸縮性があります。 取り扱いや保管に最適なサイズ。 ほとんどの標準サイズのシンクにフィットするので、使用後に適切に掃除できます。

S-Shaped Sex Doll

The Vera sex doll is definitely your best choice, perfectly showing the curves of a woman's body, using soft and comfortable TPR material, both the touch and the experience will make you feel more real and natural, as if you are having fun with a real woman.

3D Realistic Sex Doll

The Made of safe and soft TPR as raw materials, skin-friendly real touch, 3D three-dimensional peach buttocks and pink sweet pussy, full breasts and pink nipples, almost all boys can meet the desire for sexy girls, sure not to come one to spend quality time with you?

3 Kinds of Exciting Sex & Use Tips

This torso sex doll can have 3 kinds of sex: vaginal sex, anal sex, and breast sex. Note: 1. After purchase, you will receive a torso sex doll, not including lingerie. 2. It is recommended to use with water-based lubricants to get a better sexual experience. 3. After use there will be secretions and liquid residue, it is recommended to clean with cold water and neutral mild soap, and then wipe clean with a lint-free cloth or towel, put in a cool dry place.

3 in1 Sex Doll

This lifelike sex doll can provide three types of sex: breast sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, you can enjoy different sexual stimulation pleasure according to your preference; two channels of vagina and anus simulate the real structure of the human body, when your penis is inserted, the particle threads inside constantly squeeze and rub your sensitive parts to achieve orgasm.


この現実的な男性のダッチワイフには 2 つの異なるチャンネルがあり、それぞれが信じられないほどの感覚を与えてくれます。 長さ 5.7 インチの膣チャネルにより、より深く入り込むことができ、長さ 4.5 インチの肛門チャネルは、兄が柔らかい吸引を感じる優れた吸盤のように機能します。 なんとセクシー!

Customer Reviews

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Joe Demaria

This is my 5th time trying a toy like this and I must say, I am very impressed with this one. The durability and heaviness makes it amazing for back to back use after cleaning. The two spine like wires inside keep it from being Flimsy so you do not feel the need to have so much control over it. I will Definitely be purchasing more from this seller. They have gained a new customer

Kalin Berg

Upon arrival I fell in love with it. Great curves and detail. Small but weighted for fun activities. The internal skeleton on mine some how came loose after a couple of showers and cleaning and now it kinda rattles inside and there may be some water inside as well but I don't know how this happed. The leg joints are a bit too stiff but they do hold still in vigorous exercise. I doubt I can get mine replaced now but I wanted to report my experience.

Mr. White

It really is a work of art from the flat tummy small waist perfectly proportioned boobs and realistic looking belly button very perky boobs that are the perfect handful and they bounce while you smash her very deep and tight realistic feeling pussy.


Had a problem with the internal skeleton of my product and notified the company directly. It took some time but they were able to find a solution and help me out. Would consider buying from them in the future


I dont if its because it sat in storage for so long but mine actually came a bit dirty. Like physically with dirt or dust plastered on the material. It also was a little damp on the inside already maybe because of the heat.