19LB Female Realistic Sex Dolls Torso with Big Boobs Vaginal and Anal
Realistic 3D Texture Vagina and Tight Anus


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胴体人形の現実的なセックス: 3 で 1 の現実的な等身大のセックス人形処女のお尻、現実的なタイトな膣肛門、現実的な胸。 彼女の肉付きの良い体に触れたり、胸を撫でたり、膣や肛門に入ったりして、新しい快楽を一歩一歩探求することができます。


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21LB セックスドール 男性用マスターベーター

私たちの人形の胴体はTPR製で、無毒、無臭、低刺激性で、人体に安全です。 すべての詳細は、男性が生理的ニーズを解決するために特別に設計されています
私たちのシリコーンのオナニーおもちゃには、2 つの現実的なチャンネルがあります。 両方の入り口はタイトで、質感があり、快適で、十分な長さとさまざまな質感を提供します.いくつかの位置で使用でき、持ち運びや隠しが簡単です

Body-Safe Soft Material and Supple TPR

This male masturbation toy made of TPR, non-toxic, odorless and hypoallergenic, safe to human body material, and every part of the collarbone, nipples, and labia is a lifelike sex doll.

Built-in Moulded Skeleton, Perfect Size Sex Doll

The Dolls is 17 lbs and is made from a premium TPE. The overall feel and look of the sex doll are great, the textures feel realistic and several natural body lines give good hold and excellent feel.

Perfect Size Sex Doll

The realistic look and feel of the details make it feels like the real deal when using it with an adequate amount of water based lube. The breasts are just right in size, they are an enjoyable approximation.

3D Realistic Textured and Tight Interior

The two holes each are well-designed and offer a unique feel. The vagina canal has a depth of 7.5 inches, whereas the anal canal has an insertable length of 7 inches.

Each of the tunnels has a different arrangement of ridges and bumps, as well as shape, which makes the sensation dissimilar to the other option. The amount of silicone material that surrounds the cavity makes the hole taut, even after periods of prolonged use.


私たちの非常にリアルなダッチワイフは、安全で非毒性の TPE 素材で作られています。 ソフトでしなやかな肌触りで、リアルな健康的な肌の色合いです。

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eric Yazzie

So when I got the toy I didn’t know you could bend it in any position.. that came in handy.. others then that I like this product, the way it feels and look!!

Jeffrey Y

First time buy this kind of stuff. It’s crazy how comfortable they made It’s super soft and size able to allow me to hold it perfectly. It’s bit heavy but it’s super soft. Can’t complaint

Jordy Kay

I purchased this because I was curious the product and would like to get some new experience. I was expected it to try it. When I received it, and I touched it. I felt it very real. So I used it and had a great experience using it.


As far as the size go it's a little smaller then I thought . Still a decent size almost feel like a really small girl . Or honestly it looks like jail bait . But it's got a nice weight to it. the holes have a nice texture to them . Back is tight. boobs are enough to get between but to small for my taste