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複数の振動モード ---12 の超振動モードがペニスを突き刺すたびに、素晴らしい性的体験をもたらします。


12 周波数充電式オナホールカップ

充電式オナホールカップは、高品質のロータリーモーターと絶妙な技量を採用しています。 12種類の超振動モードで、押して挿入するたびに素晴らしい性体験をもたらします。 市場に出回っている半袖の男性用オナホールとは異なり、当社の男性用オナホールは陰茎全体の体験に焦点を当てています。 この男性用のポケット猫のリアルなおもちゃは、素早く撫でて本当の快適さをもたらします。

Powerful Stimulation With Thrusting, Vibrating and Rotating At Once

Unlike other male masturbators that only have a single function, our male sex toys have a powerful three in one triple stimulation function.
It can activate vibration, thrust, and rotation settings simultaneously, allowing you to enjoy a more enjoyable massage. This men's sex toy will definitely bring your satisfaction to a new level.

Control the Spinning, Moving, and Speed Freely with the Unique Dial

Our male sex toys feature a unique rotating turntable design that is not found in other adult male toys, allowing you to infinitely adjust all movements and smoothly find the speed you like. Adding some lubricating oil to this men's sex toy will provide a better experience. Go ahead! Choosing sex toys for men for the first time, and then more! Men's vibrator sex toys for men


医療用シリコンABS製、無毒、無臭、低刺激性、人体に安全な素材。 本物の肌のように柔らかく、とても心地よい肌触りです。 より自然な感覚を得るために、ぬるま湯で温め、セックスローブと一緒に使用することをお勧めします。

クリーニングは非常に簡単です。一方の側からもう一方の側に水を流すだけで、肛門の穴を伸ばして開いて洗うことができます。数秒しかかかりません。 自然乾燥またはブロードライヤーを使用してから、清潔で乾燥した場所に保管してください。 高温や直射日光にさらさないでください。

Customer Reviews

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I was always a skeptic until one day I came across this item and I decided wht the heck..let me tell ya this lil sucker is a heck of a sucker and once you hit the vibration button..Oh Boy it's all over with and the customer service department is second to none. I thought there was an issue with my product so I contacted customer service and with in hours they had gotten back to me and resolved my issue. If you want my advice buy it now you won't be disappointed!


It's definitely something different and the added suction power gives it a unique feel. It's definitely worth the money and a good investment! Tried it out as soon as I got it and I was not disappointed.
Clean up is straight forward and easy as well.
Shipping was fast and discreet no one will know what's inside.
It can be used with one hand but is a little bit heavier than one would expect.