10 Vibrating Speed Butt Plug
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 Inflatable Butt Plug
Dual Motor Inflatable Butt Plug
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10 振動速度電動インフレータブルバットプラグ

SKU: A0620



自動膨張と収縮 - 肛門バイブレーターは高度な膨張技術を使用しており、極端な肛門のスリルを探求したい人のためにワンボタン起動をサポートしています. (膨らませるサイズは安全設計なので、膨らませすぎても安心)

高品質の素材 - 安全で柔らかい食品グレードのシリコン製で、健康をよりよくケアできます。シリコン素材の大人のおもちゃは寿命が長く、お手入れも簡単です。

防水設計 - IPX6 防水で、より多くのバスルームやプールのロックを解除できます~

Customer Reviews

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Interested Observer

I liked this product more than expected. The inflatable feature gives very full and pleasurable sensations that, coupled with the vibration patterns, helps provide a very nice and big O. Some reviewers caution it's not for beginners, but it's certainly not that fearsome. I give it two thumbs up!

Pat Hackett

I ordered this as a surprise for my husband to spice things up. While we have tried some anal toys in the past (small vibrators and butt plugs), we never found any that satisfied us so much that we would want to use them again. I can definitely say that we WILL be using this one quite often. The vibrator is well made and solid. I have no doubt that it will hold up very well in the future, regardless of how many uses. It is easy to use and to charge.

Bulah Bauch

This toy will be a near-perfect addition to any beginner-intermediate player's repertoire! The vibration is fairly strong and most will find it more than enough to provide the full health benefits of a thorough prostate massage.

Though this toy is designed for rear use, it can be utilized by those of almost any variety of anatomy or gender to some extent! My partner is constantly trying to steal it away!

Abner Schultz

Not necessarily for beginners but if you are comfortable wearing a normal plug then this will feel like silk sheets