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回転する男性のマスターベーションのおもちゃには、10 の周波数モードと音声モードがあり、挿入深さは 5.7 インチに達することができます。 あらゆる種類の興奮を楽しみ、退屈なシングルモードを取り除くのに役立つさまざまなオプションを提供します。 連続なでる動きと独自のストレッチ機能が新たな次元をプラス。

ローテーション 男性 オナニー おもちゃ

10段階の推力スピードと10種類の推力振動モードを搭載した男性用オナホールで、様々な興奮を楽しみ、自分好みの1本を見つけてください。 オナニーカップに飽きさせません!

現実的で調整可能なサイズ、このオートマットは本物の女性に複製されます。現実的で柔らかく、粒子でいっぱいで、内部の多層らせん状の折り目があり、摩擦の喜びを提供し、オーガズムの刺激を高め、気分を高めます。本当の女の子はセックスをします。 カバーは伸縮性のあるゴム製で、どんなサイズにも対応できます。

10 Vibration & 4 Suction Modes Sex Toys

Our male masturbator ranger is designed with a built-in powerful motor, allowing you to feel the different stimuli of 4 strong vacuum suction and 10 vibration modes. This automatic male masturbator can also be used as a penis trainer or a penis training tool. Ensure the use of a large amount of water-based lubricating oil.

Safe Material &Detachable Stroker for Easy Cleaning

This men's sex toy is made of soft TPE material; The texture and larger particles of the inner sleeve of this adult sex toy simulate the interior of the cavity, and this male self priming toy is equipped with lubricating oil. The sleeves are detachable.

Simply disassemble and clean the upper sleeve of this electric male sex toy. Male masturbation cup.


膣は非常に柔らかく高品質の体に安全なTPE素材でできており、柔らかく肌に優しい感触と安全な品質保証を備えています。 特殊な凸粒子を内蔵し、適度な摩擦が快感を高めます。

流水でスリーブを引き抜くだけ。 100% 用心深く、マークのないパッケージ、秘密の配送、機密性の高い言葉を残しません。

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

This is my first sex toy and it doesn’t disappoint.

The stroking sensation is amazing.
But wait the sucking is awesome too!
The sound really isn’t that loud.
Definitely would purchase again, and I would highly recommend if you’re on the fence, just buy it, you won’t regret it!

Derek A.

Ok so if you think you have stamina then test your might! This thing has variable motions and speeds that will have you speaking in droid. I don’t know what the test center looks like for these devices but it’s got to be the best job in the world! Just saying! So bought this because my wife was going to be out of town for an extended period of time. It doesn’t beat the real thing but it does make you say hmmmm. Cleans up pretty easy and goes nice with some water based lube. If you’re having thoughts about if your should or shouldn’t then you’ve already over thought it. Splurge on it or in it . Just buy it!

Actually like it better than the fleshlight

The speed and power is also much better than expected and I was genuinely surprised at the quality of this thing. I can't really last long with it but it's a great training device and the detachable suction cup lets me use it pretty much anywhere. Honestly for this price you are getting an insane deal on this device and you really can't go wrong.

Deynas Newkirk

10 Sucking Modes Rotation Male Masturbation Toy

Chief Bob

Need to use adequate lube as it is a bit rough with contact but sensations are great. Easy to take apart and clean and reassemble. Nice to have a variety of these kind of toys. Battery lasts for several uses. Not noisy like some of these products. Well satisfied with item.